Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Favorite Reels

TFO red 375                                                                                              TFO gold 425
drag area of 425
      My favorite reels are TFO  375 and 425 from Temple Fork Outfitters . These large arbor reels are of bullet proof design with plenty of backing . These reels are machined from 6061 aluminum and have a draw bar carbon fiber disk drag . They are rated for salt or fresh water usage and are exception easy to clean . Simply untighten the spool by backing off spool cap assembly till the spool disengages and then remove your spool it that easy . The backing capacity is 250 yds. of 20 pound on the 375 and 275 yds. of 30 pound on the 425 which is alot when you consider spooling one of these babies up . For a little fun I took a dial caliper just to see how large the drag area was . The drag area measured in at 1.938 only .062 thousands short of 2 inches on both the 375 and 425 reels . With both reels having the same drag surface but two different sizes one might say to themselves quality manufacturing . I think so myself after measuring the area . Right now I am using the 375 on a 7 wight switch rod and the 425 on a nine weight rod for Michigan's king salmon . You can see that these reels come in some awesome colors too . So don't be afraid to dress up that rod . I hear that the hottest color for the 375 is red right now . "Chuckling to myself " Seems every time I try to order an extra spool in red it's always back ordered .                                                                          
        On a side note did we the flyfishing community ever screw up , because of lacking sales Temple Fork Outfitters has discontinued two models of reels in this line-up the 310 for six weight fly rods and the 340 for seven weight fly rods . I wish that when I had the chance to get my hands on those models I had done so . For more info on Temple Fork Outfitters check out there products at .

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