Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year New Adventures

Well folk's alot has been going on here so far in 2011.Tying flies,getting rid of some unused stuff.All makes for a hecktick day.In all reality there just not enough time in the day.Today my wife Dorothy filed the paper work to do business as Lovells Fly Tyer.Hopefully by summers end we will have our website up and running.Tomorrow we look forward to saying goodbye to an old friend.Thats right tomorrow my old fly tying vise will be up for sale.I have made the switch from Renzetti vises to Dyna King vises.I look forward to doing more business with Dyna King in the near future.I also felt the need for a new dog to go with me on unguided floats.I like having this crazy pup.You will later find out what kind of a dog she is but she has been spending time at the vise with me lately which is good.
January we have a tying table at the 6th annual Huron River Fly Tier's Symposium
in Canton Michigan ( which I'am looking forward to doing again.Its nice to see the many faces that come to these events.If your new to flyfishing or tying these are the events to attend.Tyers and guides that attend these events are willing to answer any of your questions.Everyone can learn something at these events thats how I got alot of help in my younger days.If your able to make it please stop by and say Hello.


  1. Hi, two quick questions for you...

    1. Congratulations on the business start-up, I'm just curious if you plan on selling online only? I make several trips to the NB a year...

    2. I've been looking for a vice upgrade - is the Renzetti really for sale?

  2. Right now as far as the business we're going to be mainly concentrating on guide service and hand tied flies and leaders.Yes my Renzetti is for sale if your interested in it you can contact me @ 1 989 344 9830.Next few weeks I am on the road doing fly tying shows so please bare with me.