Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe I am wrong or Not

Have you read the philosophy of Trout Unlimited?
The TU mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

We believe that trout and salmon fishing isn’t just fishing for trout and salmon. It’s fishing for sport ...rather than food, where the true enjoyment of the sport lies in the challenge, the lore, the battle of wits, not necessarily the full creel. It’s the feeling of satisfaction that comes from limiting your kill instead of killing your limit. It’s communing with nature where the chief reward is a refreshed body and a contented soul, where the license is a permit to use not abuse, to enjoy not destroy our coldwater fishery. It’s subscribing to the proposition that what’s good for trout and salmon is good for the fisherman and that managing trout and salmon for themselves rather than the fisherman is fundamental to the solution of our trout and salmon problems. It’s appreciating our fishery resource, respecting fellow anglers and giving serious thought to tomorrow.

It had me going when I see on a popular Michigan website that people should boycott all Flyfishing guides,Fly shops,and TU(Trout Unlimited).Now the first question I had to ask myself of these people is have they ever read the Philosophy of Trout Unlimited.In my mind I said probley Not.Have they ever worded on a streambank improvement.Probley not will they ever of coarse not.Will they ever donate their time to help some understand what can be done to improve and maintain our water ways.No!!! These poor souls have no clue.
When these people tell you boycott fly shops do they realize that fly shops donate gifts to local chapters to support coldwater projects.No the probley don't.The local guide that donates a trip on his stretch of water isn't just doing it for publisty.He's doing it to help out the resource.
People if it were not for organizations Like Trout Unlimited,Federation of Flyfishers,Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association,Anglers of the Au Sable,and many more we as fishing people would be in Trouble.These folks try to improve our life on the stream for years to come and future generation of fishers to come.With the New Year fast approaching I hope you find some time in your heart to help out your favorite Oraginazation to a sport we all love.If you can't give money there are other ways to help.Get involved by donating a day helping on a river clean-up or improvement project.There are plenty of activities to help with and it's a great way to meet new people and explore new waters.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My most memorable day of 2010

My most memorable day of 2010 was spent guiding Tom Tomosky. I first met Tom while he worked at the Fly Factory in Grayling Michigan. At that time I was sub-contracting doing hand tied leaders for the shop.Soon I would be working with Tom behind the counter in sales. We never really got to fish together because of time constraint Tom working mornings,and me working the closing shift. Seemed like everyone was always promising to take Tom on a float trip but it just never worked out. I have to admit I was one of those that said I would but never did.Even after four years of working together we still had not fished together. Well April 2010 came and I received a call from Tom stating he would be up at his cabin in near by Higgins like. I said grab that rod lets go fishing the hendricksons are on.

I had decided the South Branch of the Au Sable would be the spot to take Tom as I had done a Trip a few days earlier on it. So we had decided at a ten o'clock tee off time.Meeting at Smith Bridge we parked Tom's truck and drop the boat in at Chase Bridge and float back to Smith Bridge. With blue sky's above us We departed the launch with Tom saying its going to be a beautiful day even if I don't catch anything.Me and Tom talked during the day about working in the shop as he fished.Things we missed and things we didn't. Tom had told me this was his first time dryfly fishing out of a drift boat but I think Tom was pulling My leg as his cast were as accurate as a guide could ask for. It wasn't long in the day Tom was hooking fish on Hendricksons Drys with his comment of this fly you tied sure is working good and holding up well.
Tom fished the day hard, hard as anyone I've ever fished with. His efforts paid off big with fish caught on drys. When we arrived at the take out spot. I asked Tom well what did you think? Well my man he said! I enjoyed it really enjoyed it.I had heard about this section of river.Never really fished it before now I have.Really enjoyed seeing it from the boat you did an excellent job and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a guide.With that being said I helped Tom load up his truck and shook his hand.I said to Tom we'll do it again my friend we will do it again.It was my honor.
Thanks Tom.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association

The Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association is a group of anglers led by Tom Buhr. These guys have things rocking and rolling on the big water of the Au Sable here in Michigan and it a great thing for Anglers. Not to many organization offer to go to sites after a Holiday weekend ,or clean-up a viewing site from the Weyerhaeuser canoe marathon after the big race ; but this one does. Their the type of organization which every stream should have as a friend.
This last year the group held a raffle which led to the planting of over two hundred Brown Trout to the trophy waters of the Au Sable. Besides the planting of trout they also focused their thoughts of giving anglers the oppertunity of being able to fish below Mio during the winter months starting in April 2011.
The group has also endorsed the 70 degree pledge (see website posted at the end) to protect the fish of this water. When asked by Mr. Buhr should I stop fishing the river cause the water temps. are above 70 degress the answer you will mostly get is " No " we just ask you to consider the fish.
This year the group is at it again with there Yellow card raffle with great prizes all which goes to helping the Trophy Water of the Au Sable. This is a " Win Win " deal for everyone. For more info on the ASBWPA please go to their webite http://www.asbwpa.org/Home_Page.html and check it out. I am sure you will see the good things this group is doing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Not all tools are equal

left to right: midge , standard , standard with thread cutter,extended reach

Not all tools are created equal. Wonder why fly tyers have so many different tools? Lets take a look at whip finishers. Starting out with the midge whip finisher.This is the one I use on small dry flies (size 18 and smaller). I have found out that this one works best with 8/0 thread and smaller.
Moving on to the standard whip finishers you will notice there is a cutter on the one. I find this one the one I use the most. You may ask why? Well as soon as my flies head is completed I can cut the thread without picking up scissors.When you tie alot of flies multiply picking up and putting down that two extra steps to every fly.
Lastly is the extend reach whip finisher. This is the perfect tool for those patterns that require to be tied off in the back of the hook.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wow only a couple of more days till the FFF Great Lakes Councils fly tying expo in Holt Michigan . Sure will fun see old friends and new faces at this great event. Fun is sure to be had by all that attend. Look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Steelhead and Dams

I just got done with these flies for an order. Yes I am still getting reports of steelhead being caught in the Betsie,Boyne and Bear rivers on the North West side of the state.Its hard to belive less than one week to go to the opener of trout season. Time to start tying Hennys(Hendricksons).As far as Dams goes I ve heard that the Dam in Hesperia on the White is going to be removed turning that river almost into another P.M. as is more work on lower the dam on the Betsie.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi fellow Flyfishers welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy this spot as I talk about flyfishing, fly tying and issues from Grayling and around the state. I am a flyfisher and fly tyer that now lives outside of Grayling Mi near Lovells home of the North Branch of the Au Sable. I am a member of the Michigan Fly Fishing Club, Trout Unlimited,Federation of Flyfishers, Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association Life time member of the Flint Muddler Minnows. Sit back and relax as I give you more news to follow as the 2010 Trout Season happens.