Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association

The Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association is a group of anglers led by Tom Buhr. These guys have things rocking and rolling on the big water of the Au Sable here in Michigan and it a great thing for Anglers. Not to many organization offer to go to sites after a Holiday weekend ,or clean-up a viewing site from the Weyerhaeuser canoe marathon after the big race ; but this one does. Their the type of organization which every stream should have as a friend.
This last year the group held a raffle which led to the planting of over two hundred Brown Trout to the trophy waters of the Au Sable. Besides the planting of trout they also focused their thoughts of giving anglers the oppertunity of being able to fish below Mio during the winter months starting in April 2011.
The group has also endorsed the 70 degree pledge (see website posted at the end) to protect the fish of this water. When asked by Mr. Buhr should I stop fishing the river cause the water temps. are above 70 degress the answer you will mostly get is " No " we just ask you to consider the fish.
This year the group is at it again with there Yellow card raffle with great prizes all which goes to helping the Trophy Water of the Au Sable. This is a " Win Win " deal for everyone. For more info on the ASBWPA please go to their webite and check it out. I am sure you will see the good things this group is doing.

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