Friday, December 10, 2010

Not all tools are equal

left to right: midge , standard , standard with thread cutter,extended reach

Not all tools are created equal. Wonder why fly tyers have so many different tools? Lets take a look at whip finishers. Starting out with the midge whip finisher.This is the one I use on small dry flies (size 18 and smaller). I have found out that this one works best with 8/0 thread and smaller.
Moving on to the standard whip finishers you will notice there is a cutter on the one. I find this one the one I use the most. You may ask why? Well as soon as my flies head is completed I can cut the thread without picking up scissors.When you tie alot of flies multiply picking up and putting down that two extra steps to every fly.
Lastly is the extend reach whip finisher. This is the perfect tool for those patterns that require to be tied off in the back of the hook.

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