Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's not a bobber;Its a strike indicator

It's not a bobber;It's a strike indicator is what Steve Vorkapich tells me when i see him.I met Steve a few years back while I was working at the Fly Factory in Grayling,Michigan.Steve is the owner of Float Master Products and trust me this is a product that works.I was never a really big fan of indicators until recently.Yes I've used the old pinch on type.I've tried Loon outdoors Bio Strike which always seemed to me to leave a sticky residue on my leader.There are others like fish pimp and thill which I had problems with because of using hand tied leaders and not being able to get a blood knot through the hole.But after seeing Steve's product I found these to be my liking.Steve's indicators have a large enough hole so blood knot will go through and are simple to use and adjust.

The type I like best is his Tear Drop which comes in 3/8 to 1 inch size with different color schemes.He also has a round version which I have yet to try.Using this product is as simple as pie.Double your leader up,moisten the latex tube and insert it in the loop of your doubled leader,pull down on leader till you get about 1/4 inch of tubing sticking up and your set.Resetting is just pulling out the tubing and adjusting your leader.

For more info on Floatmaster products go to there you can find all color schemes and styles of Steve products or you can E-mail him at


  1. have you ever tried... "thingamabobber"? they have to be the best, most effective indicator on the new aged market today.

  2. Heres the problem I have with Thingamabobber is getting a bloodknot on the upper portions of my hand tied leaders to go threw the hole.

  3. Hmmm, I see your problem... The back of the package has an easy way to mount the indicator, where you dont have to thread the leader all the way through the hole. You just double it up and flip the loop over the bobber

  4. That part I know about bigerrfish but with a floatmaster indicator if I want I can center my bloodknot right on the latex tubing and position it right there.Kinda neat isn't that.

  5. Oh I got cha, it probably hides the knot and stays put well, plus its what you like to see go "doink, doink," right?
    You know what I like the most about yours... The color. The way that the bottom is black and the top orange is a perfect.