Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally I got a 1/2 day of Fishing

Well Folks I finally got a 1/2 day of fishing in on the Big Man. It wasn't my best day out on the river,but fun in everyway.The game plan for the day was to chase after steelhead looking in deep holes and runs.With the recent warm up that we,ve had here in Michiganthoughts of steelhead were in my mind.When we arrived at the put in spot I quickly set up the boat and rods.Motoring up stream I noticed nobody were in the favorite holes on the streach we were fishing which made me fell lucky to be out for the day.During this trip we would be hitting the holes using the chuck and duck method and indicator fishing.Our first hole produce no strikes from any fish on this cloudy dizzly day.Knowing the next two hles should produce a fish we motored the boat to a hole that has produced fish.There we ran into our first strke of the day.Using the chuck and duck method might be because of the long down time from fishing that my partner has had this winter.Thinking to myself this should be the mother of all days to be steelheading and hooking fish we motored up into the next hole.With the weather getting what felt like colder and the drizzle turning into more like rain my guest finally hooked into a frist fish on the day.This fiesty brown took a green caddis.It was a much need warm up for both me and Peter and a nice way to end the day as we had to leave so that Peter could be at a Trout unlimited board meeting.It won't belong and I will be heading back to chase Steel again and I will be looking forward from taking a break from the tying bench and fishing again with friends and clients.

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