Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Dedicated Vise for Tube Flies

This past winter found me taking a fly tying class on tube flies.Yes after my start of commercial tying in 1994 I was taking a class again.Having a new found excitement for tube flies for swinging.While in class I was using a Eumer tube fly adapter for my vise.Yes Eumer is a good company but there is always better.Being one who Tye's with thread control it seemed that when cranking down with thread on the tube the tube would spin on the mandrel.It really didn't set well with me.
Well after that class I was in search of a dedicated vise for tying tube flies.After a very short search of the internet I found what I was looking for.A product from Bob's tube fly vise has some features that any tyer will like.First off the head of the vise moves out away from your tying table for relaxing while tying,sitting in an office chair.Like some other vises the head rotates 360 degress horizontaly but one thing unique is that it rotates 360 degress veritcally.This feature allows the tyer to melt tube liner to tubes with out having to hold the fly.
Another feature of Bob's vice is the jaws' strength. The jaws will take and hold micro tube liner. I mean really hold the liner. I inserted micro tube liner into the jaws and was able to take and pick up the vice and shake it like a puppy with a new toy. Not quite as fierce, but hopefully you get the idea of how strong this vice is. I also got a tapered mandrel from Bob. So far I have not had any problems with this vice, and have been greatly satisfied with this Michigan made product. I feel that you will also be satisfied with this vice.For more info visit Bob Braendle's website http://www.offthehooktube.

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  1. I use the HMH adapter and this looks like a good setup