Monday, October 22, 2012

Winter Steelhead / Cold Hands

It's starting to get cold out there my fellow fishing friends . With thoughts of steelhead running through my mind as these colder temps come through Northern Michigan . Knowing I will be out in this cold weather I took a chance on a product from a old company . Yes old in the fact that its made by Zippo . The makers of Zippo brand liters has a hand warmer out for us outdoor lover's . With a suggested retail price of  $19.95  I know this will take take the chill off my finger tip's when retieing on flies during my steelhead months in the cold .  You may say Lovells Fly Tyer are you nut's ; You spent that type of money on that thing . Well I have to ask have you ever bought those little hand warmer packs ?  How much did those cost you ?  Are you hand warmer packs reusable ?  What do you do with you packs when they run out of operating life ?  With the Zippo hand warmer one can simply just add Zippo lighter fluid for up to 12 hours of heat with the provided fill cup . Once filled and lit place in the provide fleece bag and your set . or

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